California Tow Laws.

We ate at Fuddruckers tonight at Cassidy’s request. The restaurant is located in an extremely busy shopping center in Union City. EVERY time we go there we drive around for at LEAST 15 minutes looking for a place to park.

After driving around for 15 minutes tonight in the GTI (thank every diety we were not in the M3 or Ben would probably have killed somebody) we parked in an Extended Stay’s parking lot. There were the standard Private Property signs there. After 15 minutes I told Ben to just PARK THERE even though he pointed the sign out to me. I really should have kept my mouth closed because when we left the car was gone and had been towed.

Our receipt at Fuddruckers time stamp is 8:45PM. The tow company reciept states they picked the car up at 9:03PM. We drove straight to the tow yard to pick it up and after paying the $265 fee were walking out the door to the car to drive home at 10:04PM.

Of course as soon as I get home I’m online to see how I can fight this. My first thought is to call the City and bitch. The parking there sucks major ass and I’m sure as hell complaining to SOMEBODY about the $265. I find out within 5 mintues that the owner of any private property is required by CA DMV Section 10851 CVC (Taking a Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent) to wait at least one hour before a car can be lawfully towed… not 18 minutes BITCH!

I’ll be contacting a lawyer first thing Monday morning to get my money back and hopefully some compensation for having to find a ride to the lot and the distress this has caused me. 😀

3 thoughts on “California Tow Laws.

  1. hehe, is it really worth the lawyer? Or should you just call them, cite the law, cite your evidence, demand your money and call it a day? Lawyer retainers HERE start at $1,000… unless you have “lawyer friends”.. that makes people respond REAL quick

  2. I have free legal services though work so this isn’t going to cost me a dime. 🙂

    And I tried dealing with the tow place last night. They were total assholes.

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