So cute I almost can’t stand it.

And so it begins. Marie really needed to get some cleaning done today before she has some family come in from out of town to spend the week so I took Alexis after her doctors appointment for a few hours. We went grocery shopping, walked to the park, got some Starbucks and then came home and the girls played in Cassidy’s room.

As I sit her now I realize I got a good glimpse of what life is going to be like for the next few years… Cassidy hardly paid me any attention while Alexis was around. In a way it hurts to see another person get the attention that I used to get. In another way it’s nice because she’s talking constantly nonstop without taking a breath or pausing between thought all the time so much that I can never get a word in edgewise… to SOMEBODY ELSE!!!

Part of me is a little sad because while she still has a long way to go… I know that this is where her innocence starts slowly slipping away. Where I have to start letting go and allowing her to form her own friendships and with that all the joy and heartbreak that comes along with it.

I guess it’s just a really good thing that the person she’s choosen to do this with has a mom the same age as me. And we have SO much in common it’s almost a little freaky! We are fast becoming friends, too. After work Thursday I stopped to get Cassidy and Marie and I sat down at a the table to chat for a few minutes and all of the sudden it was 1.5 hours later. I’ve missed that girl talk. The nonstop laughing and relating to somebody with such ease.

P.S. – Betting has officially begun on how long it takes Cassidy to teach Alexis the head-tilt-pose. 😉

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