To Chris:

I figured since there are going to be pictures and stuff and there are a few mom’s of girls that read the site I’d just post it here. This is a picture of the dollhouse when you get it:

It comes with some chairs, a highchair, the family (mom, dad, baby, sister & cat), basanette, toybox. There are also non-moving fixtures like the rocking chair upstairs, all of the kitchen appliances, the chair in the living room with the little table beside it. Best of all it comes with TWO PAGES of stickers!! One page of numbered stickers that have set places to go and one page of decorative sitckers (lights, pictures, rugs, wallpaper borders) that you can place wherever you want.

The chair in the living room and upstairs have sensors on them and evertime you sit a family member on it they say somehting. The same for the table beside the chair in the living room (and I think a chair in the kitchen).

THEN there are the accessories. Each room of accessorees has more sensored item’s that add sayings and sounds to the house. I’ll give you some examples:

The living room:

First off, the set comes with EVERYTHING you see there. (The clock, pictures and vase you see on the wall are examples of the decorator stickers you can place wherever you want). If you look very closely at the tea set on the coffee table you’ll notice the pink ribbons on them. The pink ribbons indicate a sensor item. They can be placed on the kitchen bar, the table beside the chair and the chair in the living room or the rocking chair upstairs and they will make sounds. (Play I’m a Little Tea Pot, a teapot whistle, etc..). The TV ‘changes chanels’ by flipping screens and plays a corresponding sound as what’s on the TV.

The kitchen:

The only thing you see from the kitchen set is the table and presents. It also comes with the chairs that match the table. The table itself is the neat thing. As you can see it’s set up for a birthday party. The presents on the table are the sensor devise so if you put that on any of the sensors in the house it plays happy birthday. If you flip the table legs over it has a red and white checkered table cloth with a spaghetti set up and a lantern that plays a little italian music when you push it.

It’s disgusting really how cute it is. Cassidy plays with hers quite a bit and it still has the original D batteried in it. She’s good about turning it off though.

There are SO many accessories that you can get for this. Cassidy even has the Pool Party set up. You can ‘New Additions’ rooms that actually fold up for easy travel (they have straps so you can carry them like a bag).

The best part… They really aren’t that expensive. We got the rooms on sale buy two get one free at Toy’s R Us. I bet they will be on sale for Christams too. Even if you pay full price for them they are not that much and they get tons and tons and tons of use!

I hope that helped. If you have anymore questions at all let me know! I know that Brooklynn would LOVE it.

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  1. Thanks so much Anna! We picked up the dollhouse, red corvette and bathroom last night. Now that you described the kitchen I may have to go back and get that too!! I’m so glad we decided on this instead of the barbie house, I really think that she’s going to love it! Brandon is even building a little stand for it with baskets underneath to hold the extras (he’s becoming quite domestic, lol!!) I pulled it out the box last night and I have to say that I may be just as excited as her on Christmas, lol!!! I can’t wait to play with it!! 😆

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