Random Bits of Randomness.

I’ll edit and post them throughout the day as they pop into my head.

10:15AM – I have a canker sore on the roof of my mouth. I think I got it yesterday when I was taking my test at work. I brought some peanut M&M’s to munch on. My mouth is REALLY sensitive to rough stuff like that. I suck on them and then the roof of my mouth gets really raw. Sour patch kids do the same thing. It hurts to eat… and drink my Diet Pepsi. Damn M&M’s.

10:48AM – My co-worker has been on the phone yacking with her “friend” (SEE: the man that’s not her husband that she talks to all the time that her husband does not know about) for 30 minutes. Generally she hangs up with him then has the exact same conversation with her husband. Let’s see if I’m right…

11:26AM – I was right. She’s now on the phone with a girlfriend.

11:27AM – Back on with her husband!!

12:51PM – Girls, even if you weigh 100 pounds and have legs that are five feet long… panty lines still look like crap. There are enough panty lines around here to make Victoria break the Secret. I feel like pulling one aside into a dark room and saying ever so quietly, “The secret is g-strings. Pass it along.’

4:53PM – I was trying to track down a computer issue about two months ago and one of the problems that I had was whenever I tried to burn a CD, my computer would blue screen. I took my burner out and put Cassidy’s CD-ROM into my conputer to troubleshoot. So when Ben built my new machine (because he’s such a wonderful boyfriend with the surprises like that) he just put the ROM in because that’s what was in my old one. Well, it was actually a memory issue.. so now I REALLY need to burn a new CD because the one in my car took a total crap and I CAN NOT listen to the radio anymore when I could have my 130 FAVORITE songs right there at my fingertips on a new CD if I could FIND my damn burner!!!

If whoever took it out of my bedroom and hid it from me (which was SO MEAN) would kindly return it I’d be ever so thankful.

12 thoughts on “Random Bits of Randomness.

  1. But… but… How can you possibly walk around with a string up your ass?! 😕 I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I’d rather wear baggy pants. lol.

  2. g-strings are MUCH easier to wear than thongs. For me at least. The problem is when there is too much bulk. G-strings eliminate the bulk.

  3. Whenever I wear something that will show pantylines I wear a gstring or thong… then as soon as I get home OFF WITH THEM… I can’t stand the floss feeling..

  4. LOL ANNA!!! I really thought everyone nowadays wore thongs or g’s. Hec I even wore them when I was pregnant!! You really do get used to that string up your ass and it has a certain comfort level after awhile. However I do wear VS string bikinis to bed, gotta rest the bootie 😆

  5. I’m a g-string type of girl. I honestly can’t even tell that I have any underwear on when I wear them.

    I wear them with everything. I seriously hate panty lines. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. I mean, I make sure I don’t have them… so I shouldn’t have to LOOK at them!!

  6. I dont think i even own a pair of regular panties. I hate panty lines and i hate when someone is wearing skintight pants and they have these huge panty lines, :?. I thought everyone over 20 whore them. And im 14.

  7. ‘,but it helps in some cases after child-birth, vaginial surgery,’

    That’s one of the reviews. And that is plain :bs:. After having Cassidy I had to wear what were basically DIAPERS for over a week. I’ve never bled so much in my life. Ain’t no way and AntiPanti is gonna do crap in that situation.

  8. Anti-Panti ROFL!!! 😆 That is just too funny, someone is making a killing off women wearing no panties? Wierd!! Just don’t wear any, kwim?

    Ever wonder if men know how much thought goes into these things, hehe!! I mean they just grab their drawers and get dressed not a thought in their heads about how they look.

    When we got married Brandon bought this cute little g-string at Fredricks (something new) and I’m getting dressed in my white slinky gown and lo and behold PANTYLINES!!! ACK!!! No way dished the panties and went without them. His mother would have died if she’d have known!! 😆

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