So I went to the dentist today. I really used to hate the dentist. Who doesn’t? The guy sticks sharp instruments into your mouth and tries to convince you that it’s for your own good. Pffft.

Then I found it. The diamond in the rough. I forget that I live in one of the high tech capitols of the world. Just down the street from us (’bout a mile away) is a really nice shopping center called Rivermark. (Side note: I’d love to buy a home in there but I’m scared to go see how much they are.)

ANYWAY! There at Rivermark is Cerulean Dental Spa. I thought the name was a gimmick. I mean, it’s surrounded by places with names like ‘The Prolific Oven’ and ‘Posh Bagel’. I mean, WTF is with the names at this place?? So when I had to pick a dentist and that one was close and had ‘Spa’ in the name, I figured what the hell.

This place is farking awsome. 21″ wide screen TV’s hang at the end of all the chairs. Chairs that are so posh they had to get pissy with me to get me out of it at the end of the appointment. Seriously. The TV’s all show the computer screen the dentist is working from. It also instantly pops up the digital X-rays they take RIGHT THERE IN THE CHAIR. X-ray machines in EVERY room. And INSTANT TEETH PICTURES! And as if that weren’t enough, the tools he uses have fiber optic cameras on them and you can WATCH what they are doing in your mouth! If you want to that is, Cassidy watched for a bit then opted to have them turn on Scooby-Doo for her to watch.

They checked for cavaties with this awsome little laser pen. You hold it up to the tooth and it gives you a number read out that tells you 1)if you have a cavaty, 2)the depth of the cavaty, and 3) where the cavaty is. No scraping the tooth and using the sharp-instrument-of-death-to-gums for cavaty searching!! THEN they take pictures of your individual teeth to show you were the cavaties are.

Where the hell was this place when I was a kid?! When I was a kid they filled your teeth with metal fillings. Which according to my new dentist is CRAP! They also used fillings that FALL APART and WEAR AWAY and cause the old cavaties to become NEW cavaties. Which is the case with my teeth. I had about 8 fillings that are the tooth-colored fillings that have started to wear away and have exposed the second, very cavity prone layer of my tooth. Leading to… a BUTT LOAD of NEW cavaties. 13 to be exact. 13 because the old fillings are wearing at the sides so that a few of the old fillings have cavaties on TWO sides.

13 cavaties people!! 13! And I had to see them all. The teeth were as wide as the 21″ screen. 21″ cavaty ridden teeth. *shudder* Sometimes technology is not so great.

So… first I have to go to the oral surgeon to get the 3 teeth yanked. Fun. Then I have to have 13 cavaties filled. More Fun.
In the picture you can see that those three teeth are not exactly coming in right. The ones on the top are facing BACK. Remember that’s a shot that goes all the way around so those teeth are on the side of my face. Those bastards reduce me to a liquid diet about once a month for four or five days at a time when they decide to push out a little more. Not for much longer.

After ALL of this. I’m going to start using Invisalign. It’s actually covered by my insurance and these teeth pushing in pushed my teeth up front out of wack. *sigh* Years and years of braces… and I didn’t realize for so long as I was wearing my retainer and my teeth just kept moving more and more that these teeth were what was causing that all along.

*deep breath* I should blog about my appointment with the head doctor too but I’m going to leave that for another post when I’ve had the chance to do a little more research on what he told me today and the medicine he wants to put me on.

And I’m off to give my full attention to the TV and the election coverage. Not looking too good for my boy. Hopefully he can pull Ohio out of the back and be the Come Back Kid.

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  1. Hey, I agree with your comments about the Cerulean. Getting treated is a bit like walking into a sci-fi movie with all cool gadgets.
    The only downside was..well….the dentist found about 13 minor cavities that need to be fixed!! About a grand after insurance 🙁

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