Since I got my hair cut everybody had been telling me how pretty my eyes look… only my brows looks like ass. I ordered a brow trimmer because I hate taking the time to tweeze them and I don’t trust myselff to wax. I have a feeling I’d end up with NO eyebrows that way. 😯 It should be in Friday. YAY!

2 thoughts on “Brows…

  1. That’s an AWESOME picture of you!

    You’re so lucky to have the eyebrows that you do. You can sculp them in just about any shape. All I can do with my eyebrows is pluck strays.. they’re pretty straight and narrow so there’s nothing I can really change about them 🙁 Like the cool thick to thin arched eyebrows.. nope, just boring same eyebrows all the time!

  2. I love the hair so much what an awesome chnge! Have you ever thought about getting your eyebrows waxed by a professional. That way you could get them shaped. You have beautiful eyes and some awesome arches would look great! I get mine waxed about once a month and do up keep in between. You could find a picture of some eyebrows you really like and take it to the salon. I have a great lady that I have been going to for about 7 years and she only charges $10, you can’t beat it!

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