What a weekend!!

We had an absolutely FABULOUS time this weekend. Beach BBQ was a blast, got to reunite with a bunch of family, ate some awsome food… GREAT!! I’ll write all about it tomorrow night when I’m not quite so tired.

I will leave you with the pics of Cassidy before and after her first Dermabond experience. Thank God for the fact that they’ve replaced stitches with Super Glue!! 😉 The full story will also be told tomorrow but I promise you, it’s not as painful as it looks… not now anyway.

BTW – The reason that I can’t post till tomorrow night is becuase on the car drive down I got a call offering me a job making $17.00 an hour at Major University and tomorrw is my first day!!!! Yay for jobs!!! :thumb:

6 thoughts on “What a weekend!!

  1. Dermabond has been around for a while, but in earlier incarnations it stung and stung for days. So badly that when I dealt with it it made me physically ill and I was so sick I dehydrated myself. :/

    Anyway…YAY FOR JOB! YAY FOR $17.00/HR! YAY FOR STANFORD! One day you have to eat lunch in the rose garden for me. It’s so pretty.:mrgreen:

  2. that is pretty good cash even in California

    you should try to take some classes….you r smart enough and with your real world experience a degree would be icing on cake



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