Miss Cassidy

I miss my baby. 🙁 I called her last night and hearig her voice made me miss her even more. I have a little over a month to go and I can’t wait to have her back.

I’m going to talk to Ben tonight and see if we can go to see her next weekend. I know that Big Troy (Troy’s dad for those of you who don’t know) always has a big 4th of July BBQ and that Cassidy will have a lot of fun at that so I want to go the next weekend.

I want to squeeze her and kiss her and smell her brush her hair and tickle her legs and hear her laugh and watch her get annoyed and say ‘mooooooooom’. 😳

4 thoughts on “Miss Cassidy

  1. EW everyone has a baby and a lover. im so BITTER and JEALOUS. lmao!

    *stabs jason for being a prick* ::carries around cabbage patch doll and says i dont need anyone anymore::


  2. Hi daughter. Wait until the weekend of the 10th pick Cassidy up, and keep driving on down to our house for a big ole beach picnic with the familty!

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