Day in a nutshell..

Got up, drove my Honey to work much to my dismay. Last night was a continuation of yesterday and I ended up soaking in a hot bath to try and relieve some pain at 5AM… after HOURS of not sleeping.

On the way back from dropping him off my cell rang and since it was like, the ass crack of dawn (totally lying, it was like 9AM. heh) I didn’t answer it. I DID listen to the voicemail and it was my main contact at the temp place so I called back right away. He has a position he’d like me to interview for… starting pay is $18-22 an hour. 😯 That’s more than I’ve ever made before.

I’m usually not at all nervous for interviews. I make a great first impression and I can usually find a multitude of common interests right away to talk to people about and relate well. This is probably the first time in my life I’m actually nervous.

Ben and I have been sitting down and pouring over financial paperwork, getting everything entered into QuickBooks and budgeting EVERYTHING we spend so we can get debt paid off. In order to have extra spending money to do with as we please and still make the payments we WANT to make on the credit cards (above the minimum payments to get the dang things paid off faster) I need to make at least $15 and hour so this would be really nice. It would mean some extra money at the end of the month to do… whatever.

I have my fingers crossed.

In other news, I WAS going to go with Ben, Alex, Sil, Dave, etc to the open track event at Thunder Hill tomorrow but because this came up I was not able to go. They left tonight and are staying up there and then racing and driving back tomorrow. Poor guys are gonna be tired in the morning. They didn’t leave here till after 7 and it’s a 3-4 hour drive with minimal traffic involved.

This will be both a Alex and Sil’s first road race events. Should have been good for some car spinning, black flagging fun!! Oh well, between the crazy Brit (:heart: you Alex!!) and Dave, there should be PLENTY of video of the jackassery. 😉

2 thoughts on “Day in a nutshell..

  1. Hehe.. dammit. The only jack assery was when Ben + Me went up against Sil + Sean. Then again the worst behaviour of the whole two days had to be Ben. He couldn’t stop playing with the BOV on the way home. Every single ricer car he saw he had to get them to listen to the sound of “pssshhh-weeee”.

    Good luck on the interview (I know it got rescheduled) and I’m sure we’ll all go up again soon!

    I took Joan out today in the car for the first time in a long time and she LOVED it.

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