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I’ve been trying to get ahold of Cassidy for three days now. I have not gotten to talk to her since she left Saturday morning. 🙁 They have had the phone plugged into the computer so they don’t hear it ring and the cell phone is turned off till they pay it. 🙄 I called her father yesterday morning to tell him that I would call last night at 7:00 EXACTLY and to have the phone available. I called at 7:00, 7:30.. then again at 8:30 and it just rang and rang and rang. 😥

Anyway… I finally got through a little while ago on the home phone but she’s at bible school till 12:30. I’ll try to call back around 1ish. I miss my baby so much already. I can’t wait till I get to see her again. I don’t know if I’m going to make it another 2.5 weeks.

If for some reason I am not able to get through again today, I’m getting in the car in the morning and driving to get her. I’m being NICE by letting him have her for this month and a half. According to our court papers he gets every other weekend… even in the summer. BUT, being the nice person I am I VOLUNTEERED to let him have her for OVER half the summer.

I’m not, however, nice enough to give her up for that long and not even be able to TALK to her!! 👿

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  1. That’s total crap. If they can’t let you talk to her each day at 7pm, how about they call YOU at 7pm SHARP unless otherwise arranged (ie they have an engagement so they will call you SOONER (not later)) but they’ll let you know ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll have to cut her visit short. That’s total BS and you’ve been SUPER lax on them as it is…they should appreciate it with the lack child support and all.

  2. The least they can do is be responsible adults and let you know that she is okay. Asking to talk to her once a day is not too much to ask. At least she has one responsible parent.

  3. Yeah, I called today and Mary answered the phone FINALLY but Cassidy was at bible school. I’ve called back three times since then and gotten no answer.

    They did manage to get the cell phone turned back on and I left a message so I’m really hoping to hear back from her.

    I haven’t talked to her in three days. 🙁 I’m not even asking to talk to her EVERY day.. just like three times a week. But it’s killing me not having talked to her at all, especially since I PROMISED her I’d call often.

  4. I would ask if there is any way you can report him for this, but in the end it’ll just make things harder on you and, ultimately, on Cassidy. One thing you could do is write her a letter and put a stamp, or even a pre-stamped envelope (addressed to you because it would really suck if it go used elsewhere), so she could write you back. It’s not as personal as the phone in some ways, but it will work her reading/writing skills and I can pretty much guarentee she’ll get a kick out of getting something in the mail.

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